Describe yourself with three words

I love challenges


March 2022 Todor have re-joined DXC.Technology taking the position of AWS Cloud Architect. Previously he has been assigned as Senior Cloud Engineer in MentorMate where right after joining the Cloud & DevOps team, Todor joined the MentorMate-sponsored hackathon TeenHack in Ruse as a mentor to the participants and a member of the jury. And for his meetings with the students in the hackathon, his experience as a teacher of informatics and information technologies is of great help.

However, his biography does not end here and also includes experience as a system administrator and senior engineer responsible for technical support of Windows servers. In August 2019 he decided to move away from traditional on-prem administration and became part of MentorMate and worked on various projects, where he developed schemes of infrastructure environments and calculated the monthly costs for the use of the proposed cloud solution, as well as for the construction of environments / solutions in the cloud.

Successfully certified as an AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate, Todor is also accredited as a Scrum Fundamentals Certified, Certified Azure Administrator Associate, Certified Kubernetes Application Developer, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator, AWS Certified Developer and last but not least AWS Security Specialty Certified. His future interests are architecting cloud solutions, IaC, CI / CD, Kubernetes, microservices and DevOps methodologies.

Todor admits that he can’t swim well, but he loves to sail a boat or a yacht. In addition to water, he feels great when traveling by land with his family to places they visit for the first time. And this is a real win-win situation, because it is so fully indulged in another passion - driving.